We are an agency of understanding rooted in human sciences. Our team provides simple and clear answers to problems of uncertainty or ambiguity. Researching contexts, participating in cultures, identifying patterns, and revealing strategic insights are our everyday quests.
We seek to understand the phenomena and apply this knowledge to particular problems that organisations face. Infrastructure does not live to its potential, products or services are not adjusted to customers' behaviour, big data is too big to comprehend - all this is within our area of expertise. Simply put, organisations outsource deep thinking to us. So if you question your next move, there is a great chance our collaboration would be immensely beneficial.


  • Eugenijus Kaminskis

    A detail oriented professional connecting strategy to measurable actions. His focus is policy making, creative placemaking, and cultural economics.
    Loves dipping into ice water and Duke Ellington.

  • Žemartas Budrys

    A sustainability enthusiast deliberately linking art and innovation. He concentrates on international projects, community building, and sharing economy.
    Loves picking mushrooms in the forest.

  • Dominykas Karpovič

    An intensive ideator bridging gaps through unconventional methods. Innovation, decision-making process, and strategy are at the core of his work.
    Loves slow conversations.


    Transportation & Mobility
    Urban planning
    Real Estate
    Policy Making
    Sharing economy
    Retail & Hospitality
    Consumer Goods & Services

    Social impact with

    Reach For Change
    Code Academy Kids
    KTU Startup Space