Market definition for innovative lightning solution

3 different dimensions
4 angles to analyse
4 niche markets discovered

The groundbreaking innovation in lightning created a hype within European Union. Several awards and great promises. During one of the presentations our partner engaged into a conversation about the "why" aspect of the product. Why one should buy it? Is it a design solution, health product or high-end tech toy? As the answer was difficult to find, the discussion was transferred to an office after couple of weeks. It was clear that the innovation had to find its identity.

“The wall around the window does not create two worlds.” (Henri Matisse)

Our team was given a difficult task not only to define the perimeter of the product, but also to identify potential markets. A complex narrative with a very tight deadline for unraveling. The only clarity was that we are dealing with an area surrounded by lightning phenomenon, architectural importance and real estate value.
Investigating variety of data and trying to connect the dots for a context to emerge was still lacking some element.

After some in-depth philosophy readings our team discovered a phenomenon of a window that matched all the patterns. It revealed the product's two-sided nucleus: a lightning and a window.

This finding structured how the innovation had to be presented and what to underline. Also the target audiences and markets emerged instantly. What is more importantly the framework and understanding we created helped to catch some mistakes about were and how to install the product for a promotion purposes.

Photo credit: CoeLux