Meaning behind owning a car

8 hours from request to solution
1 research-based answer for company to apply
40 min to transfer the knowledge

A car sharing company's CEO called us on late Friday evening with an urgent request. We took the call and the challenge to find a way to introduce car sharing to the car owners mentality. The situation required a combination that is often demanded in a fast paced business world - quick and deep research.

The timetable for the week was insanely pact. Nevertheless, our team took a challenge to manoeuvre around it and find appropriate way to handle the situation. The problem was that the company got various suggestions from copywriters, yet neither of them were grounded in real life and did not have any context. Many nice sounding tag-lines with nothing more to offer.

The problem was how to package the car sharing to address the audience that loves owning a car. How to speak the language when offering the service that is on the opposite side?
Doing something of a "blitzkrieg" of ideas based on psychography of the target audience, we discovered an important pattern. Car owners love the car sharing idea and the concept but they think it is not for them. They even recommend it to their siblings yet are not keen in trying for themselves.

Digital ethnography of social media provides direct insights about peoples attitudes

It was obvious that this group of people was not interested in lecturing or hard-convincing of the benefits. They simply had to be allured or nicely invited.

Previous researches into the worlds of all generations and its common habits gave us the additional knowledge what to look for. It had to be read not as a tagline and it had to underline the efficiency of the service. This target group loves products that improve their lives.
The insights we provided instantly resonated with the data company had. We spent 40 minutes in a meeting and the foundation for a successful campaign was set.