Office space based on actual needs

30 pct. saved space
2 weeks on-sight
10 departments

"We need to move or transform. The problem is our way of working.”

Good workspaces enable people to act in an effective and meaningful way. However, there is no universal solution defining what a good workspace is. People, their needs, expectations, workflow and goals are different. Therefore, an investigation of a specific work culture is the first essential step towards a better work environment.
We offered to create an integral roadmap for client's workspaces, based on anthropological research of their specific situation. It helped to realize the full potential of the organization, creating connection between infrastructure and people.

Sustainable workspace transformation increases creativity, employee satisfaction, talent acquisition, effectiveness and shapes socially responsible and innovative image of an organization.

Applied anthropology answered what determines the behavior of the employees and what are the sustainable solutions integral to the organizational culture that can bring the highest added value.
Based on a comprehensive study of the unique work culture, our guidelines formed a strategic direction towards sustainable transformation of the workspace.