• 20 Dec Community building is accepting vulnerability

    Today community has become a trendy word to describe healthy attitude towards real estate development projects, mass marketing campaigns and product innovation cycles. Unfortunately in many cases we recognize a word without true action. In order to understand the reasons behind this situation we could outline variety of cultural aspects, yet this time our recent experiences underline one.
    We have an honour to work with Vilnius municipality on connecting communities with infrastructure development projects in their domains. As people there are the main users and primary source of information we encourage different dialogues with appropriate groups. In 2019 our team had a lot of such encounters and have learnt a transformative principle. Community engagement and building requires accepting vulnerability. This principle is not a mere word, but a model forming an important axis in a whole action plan. Acknowledging prejudices, reframing problems and truly engaging are few elements at work there. It is difficult, yet one has to go there and sit down with eyes fully opened in order to create a sustainable future. Otherwise it is just us and them.

  • 25 Nov Creating culture for regions to grow

    Various organizations having a relationship with people outside of their common domain (usually a big city) is arrogant in the approach. It is easy to get lost and start thinking that what you see from your glass tower is what actually happening on the ground. Then you start talking to people without knowing the language they use. We have a different perspective. We go there and we stay there till the place starts talking to us.
    This time our team provided a workshop in remote Silai in Lithuania town to encourage regional growth in Lithuania. We are taking the first steps in implementation of Comprehensive Plan of the Republic of Lithuania 2030 in the cultural sector nation-wide. Our goal was to pack it into the meaningful stories that reveal patterns for next steps to be taken.


  • 18 Nov Being a part of jury committee for urban change

    Creating often implies some kind of destruction. Therefore, choosing what, where and how to create has to be a conscious and thought-through decision. Otherwise, it takes more than it gives.
    Actors of Urban Change programme is promoting conscious creativity as they put it: “To tackle today’s complex urban problems more effectively, we need a new way of acting: collaborative across sectors and borders; bringing local culture and local voices into the processes shaping the future of communities – for collective, lasting change.”
    We are proud to help Actors of Urban Change in choosing the right projects for further growth and funding. Here in Berlin one of our partners Zemartas Budrys together with acclaimed urban theorists and practitioners Charles Landry, Clothilde Sauvages, Matthias Einhoff, Marta Klepo and Agnieszka Surwillo-Hahn has been working long hours to make the right decisions and pick the most exciting and dedicated projects for the implementation.

  • 04 Nov Trust based governance

    With digital tools expansion and virtual worlds extension people start to loose sense of what is happening around. Suddenly all that was connected become fragmented. This feeling skaters trust into many pieces. We identify such phenomenon in variety of cases starting from financial services going to the realms of public sector.
    As a practical example of this situation, the government of Sweden has created the Trust Agency. The move defines Nordic countries doubling down on their real gold - trust. We where invited to moderate an event on trust-based public management and share our insights about trust creation based on four principles: familiarity, vulnerability, openness, consistency.

    Photo: Annie Spratt

  • 16 Sep Internship with "Bring Together Lithuania"

    Internship is an interesting concept going back to the subject of craftsmanship. Mastering an art, which required time, specific know-how and tools was a dream come true for many young people. Unfortunately today quite few organizations perceive it as cheap labor or one-way process. Nevertheless, “Bring Together Lithuania” is an exception that creates platform for young people to grow and help companies improve.
    We had an opportunity to participate in the program. Ula (from Chicago) joined our team to create a strategic model with conceptual mind-set change for urban gardening application in Vilnius. She told us that this internship pushed her to think of the ways coming back to Lithuania.

    More information about the program is here

    Photo: Caroline Attwood

  • 12 Sep New urban gardens

    We are working on urban gardening strategy for Vilnius! Urban gardening embraces social, cultural, economic and environmental practices. Each single place might have a different approach towards urban gardening, however, every single city must have a working structure in order to boost communities and their gardening practices since these give local fresh produce, better access to good food, but also help to connect people with people and people with nature in cityscape. We are figuring out what the purpose of urban gardens in people's minds in Vilnius is.

    Photo: Markus Spiske

  • 02 Jul HR and Customer feedback will be understood better

    We are very proud to announce about an exciting exit. One of our partners has been directly involved in creating and developing an innovation transforming culture of feedback. As of now Sype platform has signed a contract to partner with Pulsetip. This move means that Sype is destined to become the best HR and Customer pulse platform in Europe very soon. Bona fortuna tibi!

    More about it here

    Photo: Gilles Lambert

  • 27 May An insight from WSJ conference

    Driven by the need to understand the upcoming trends in various markets we went to one of the best events about the future there is - the Wall Street Journal “The Future of Everything” conference in New York. The participants consisted of ESPN President, Warby Parker co-founder, Washington Wizards owner, Reddit founder etc.

    Underlying insight connecting all dots emerging from keynotes and conversations is that innovation (as a goal by itself) is losing value, whereas culture (as a framework for creating benefits) is becoming the most used word from the Daily Show creative team to the Slack co-founder.

    More about the conference here

  • 29 Apr Libraries are the cradle of culture

    Libraries are the cradle of culture within communities. Everything that is happening there has an immense impact on regional development. We went to share our experience in researching and working on a national strategy for culture at the international conference “The possibilities and potential of integrating sustainable development goals to libraries.”

    The event

  • 24 Apr Purpose creates profit

    In March of 2017 we decided to share our thoughts about the usefulness of purpose-driven-model within the business context. Two years has passed and ‘purpose’ is still being aliented from the business language. Therefore, we invite you to find this text again.

    The article

    Photo credits: Reuters

  • 16 Apr Changing people's relationship to money

    Money digitalization and technological advancement in society changed people's relationship to money. One generic strategy to make everything easy and fast does not grasp the real issue. The need to fulfill slow and fast money cultures has to be met.

    "Red associates" perfectly defined the situation in this video.

    Source: Vimeo

  • 07 Apr The beginning of true innovation

    An article published three years ago today hasn't lost its relevance.
    True innovation is born and not manufactured. It is sustainable because it is alive. It cannot be replicated but it can be anticipated. It all goes back to Socrates - "Wisdom begins in wonder".

    The article

    Photo credits: Wikipedia

  • 02 Apr Retiring statistical significance

    Statistical significance has been the most important way of determining the value insights for a very long time. Evaluating if something is important or not. However, the dark side of statistical significance has been ignored. This dark side also is known as the categorization process that pushes crucial and real facts to the non-existence.
    Now the prestigious science magazine is strongly questioning the need for statistical significance in general.
    The article

    Illustration by David Parkins

  • 01 Apr Stasys Eidrigevicius Arts Center received 3 mln. EUR

    Our consortium has attracted 3 million EUR investment to create Stasys Eidrigevicius Arts Center in Panevezys.
    Usually, infrastructure activation starts with finding the right financial resources. When applying for funding, standard projects require common writing practices. On the other hand, there are ones in need to reveal the identity of an idea within an interconnected context. Then a different kind of perspective in communication and writing has to be applied.


    Photo credits: Administration of Panevezys city municipality

  • 04 Mar New identity. New beginning. Why and where to?

    Our company was founded by three unalike people. All of them studied philosophy together yet later on explored different interdisciplinary paths. Seeing the need of contextual deep thinking in business Eugenijus, Zemartas and Dominykas decided to act together. The process took various shapes and forms till the boundaries were established. Such momentum required new identity. That's how and why Xwhy was born.

    Big market volatility, fast-pace innovation, Artificial Intelligence, globalisation, Big Data, emerging middle class in developing countries, robotisation, trust issues and many more tectonic moves are creating market for proper understanding of happening phenomenons. Therefore, our advisory agency is heading towards helping various organisations to make sense of the worlds around and finding the best paths to move forwards.